Coin Mutual Funds total charges

I know that zerodha Coin Mutual fund platform is free and do not charge platform charges, commissions from AMC.

I have three doubts.

  1. How is zerodha earning from coin and if it is not earning anything out of it then why will they provide this service?

  2. In case of shares even brokerage is zero but other charges like STT, SEBI, GST, Stampduty, depository charges and Exchange charges are applicable. So are these charges applicable on mutual funds as well? My cost of investment will increase in direct mutual fund too.

  3. How is coin different than Groww App.? Please explain in details which will help me in deciding my future course of action with mutual fund investment.

Answered in detail here: What is the business model of Coin now that it is free? Also, does Zerodha sell client data or take money from AMCs?

No, there’s no STT, transaction charges etc. DP charges are waived off too. Exit load will be applicable in specific cases when you redeem, but this is charged by the AMC, no by Zerodha. Zerodha doesn’t charge you anything.


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  1. With your Zerodha account you can invest in mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds for free.
  2. A single portfolio view for all your investments.
  3. Access to the complete Zerodha ecosystem of products and services:
  4. A single nomination for all your investments. You nominees don’t have to visit multiple portals and interact with multiple touch points.
  5. Complete investing flexibility: Modify, pause, resume your SIPs instantly without any paperwork or requests
  6. Mandates to fund your SIPs from your bank account
  7. A clean, clutter-free investing experience. No half-baked advisory or recommendations

You guys are awsome !!

So fast you guys reply.

Kudos to @nithin for the great team.