Coin newsletter #4: Everybody is having fun

On this issue of the Coin newsletter:

  1. We talk about all the craziness in the markets and a small little hack to not get swept away by greed and FOMO
  2. Retirement planning

I could see that, Coin now redirects to the new UI.
I had placed my SIP orders yesterday and I have even received the allotment report today by 5 pm.
But, the same units(from yesterday) are not shown on the new UI.
What is happening ?


Sorry missed this and this shouldn’t have happened, please let us know if you notice the same thing again.

I am attaching two files, one with the order placed yesterday & which got complete.
The other file shows the recent transactions for the same fund.
Please address this issue and keep me updated.

Keeping oneself limited to their circle of competence is looking even tougher now as more and more people are joining in on the frenzy of the market. But sticking to known investments can at least bring in consistency.

Is there a Way in console to lock down stock etc so as not to sell them accidently?

For ex GSB and in same queue as my day trade stocks. I would love GSB to be locked down and need special permission to sell.

You can tag these stocks, actually. Pretty cool feature.

@Bhuvan any updates ?

Absolutely enjoyed the article. Well written and spot on to what is happening now a days!

This is really useful from trading mindset point of view. It will be useful to know how MF, particularly equity, ensures return ( 10 to 12%) without fail because its return is linked to degree of speculation in stock market which MF investment is fuelling as well.