Coin SIP - Is it really SIP?

I have used the coin platform since the last few months. And I plan to use it for a very long term duration for my investments in direct MF’s by way of SIP’s.

But as far as I understand, the SIP offered in the coin platform is like a purchase executed by zerodha after a fixed “X” amount of time i.e weekly, monthly, yearly etc. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The only concern that I had of this approach is that what if the Mutual Fund house stops accepting new subscriptions but allow the SIP’s registered directly at AMC. So I could be at loss if I loose subscription to a good MF (as each instalment of the investment is like a new subscription with Zerodha Coin). And if my understanding is correct, would you please also clarify as to are there any additional charges involved with each SIP installment as it is a new subscription each time?

I wanted to clear this doubt upfront as I don’t want to regret later with my life long regular investment plan.

I had just answered this

Thanks @nithin …the post clarifies all my doubts. BTW that was a pretty fast response given the fact that it’s a Sunday today…if it’s not an automated bot response :wink:

Either way I got my queries clarified :slight_smile:

hmm… can you repeat, I didn’t understand…

:wink: just kidding.