Collatoral Pledge

Dear Team,

I am planning to invest in 7.38% GS 2027 and pledge it for trading but cant see this in approved haircut list. But I read that Gsecs can be pledged. Can you help me please.

This is available on the list of securities available for pledging. Under the cash component section, you can search for “7.38% G.S. 2027” or ISIN: IN0020220037 - Approved list of Securities at Zerodha. - Google Sheets

Thats great Shubh thanks for your information:) Hope this can also be exited before the maturity in secondary market, how about the liquidity?

Yes, G-Secs are traded in the secondary market and can be exited before maturity. Liquidity is on the lower side.

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Dear Shubh,

From secondary market today, I can see the price as below but when I try to place an order in Coin it is around 106.96 for a unit, will it be wise to get it from kite or is there any catch that I should be aware of, please clarify?