College student can trade in futures?

Futures mein trading karke apna future barbaad math karo. Man lagake padho.

All you will need is trading knowledge and good risk management to trade in Futures.

You can read this module on Futures Trading in Varsity to get started and well-equipped before you actually start trading futures.

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Yeah, a college student can trade futures, make sure you've read up on it though. 

Another point to note is that futures and options trading requires a proof of income. For a student, this could be a 6 month bank statement. You don't need to have too many transaction, but the statement period needs to be of atleast 6 months.

College student ? Any one pursuing any profession can trade in f & o. but first goal/purpose to be kept in mind. As such Study is the first goal for a college student. If he deviate from the same, he would neither complete/achieve desirable profit in stock market or excel in study. If someone wants to trade then he should fully devote himself in trading only after studying technical analysis leaving college else market can punish heavily.

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