Combined SL alert

Is there a way to put an alert for triggering combined SL on multiple leg of options? For example if a have a 23000pe at 30 and 24000 ce at 35 short strangle and want to have an alert generated when SL combined of these 2 postions reaches say 50? @Sensibull @Streak Or is it possible on simple system like sentinel because it doesn’t seem so?

Streak does not support Options Contracts hence it cannot be implemented in Streak. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

Hi @sandrocottos,
I dont have suffient knowlege about sensibull and streak. But i do algo-trading, by using kiteconnect you may probably mimic the behavior as you want.
Like if you want to exit based on Profit or combined loss… you can code that… if you using kiteconnect api then you are free to write any business logic you want.
Hope you have got my point

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