Commodity trading doubts

Hello everyone present here… I know nothing about commodity trading…

I have some casual doubts… And want to clear it.

  1. Is MCX ( Multi commodity exchange) is a exchange for India or for the whole world?

  2. is the commodities that we trade in india… Is the universal commodity… Means like if any one is trading gold in india at price x… Than a person from us is trading the same gold at price x??

@ShubhS9 @siva
Your replies can make wonders :pray::pray::pray:

MCX is exchange for India.

The trader on other side will be trading the same contract listed on MCX, not in international markets.

To learn more about Commodities trading, you can read this module on Varsity:

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Sir what is the correlation between gold and stock market?

And to correlate movements of gold with nifty 50 we have to use MCX gold futures…?

equity and gold has inverse relation… whenever equities are going bad investors tend to invest in gold so prices of gold rises in the times stock markets aren’t doing well… to compare nifty with mcx gold where are you going to find historical data??.. historical data for futures is limited…

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What is correlation between the crude oil price movement and the stock market ( equity) movement?
Is they have positive or negative correlation… And why?

@ShubhS9 @FancyyCosmonautt

haven’t seen people correlate crude and equity like they do with gold and equity… maybe you can plot historical charts of crude and equity index and compare both…