Common funds account for equity and mcx

Any idea when Zerodha will introduce common funds account for Equity and Commodities. I am currently holding account with Zerodha and don’t wanna switch to another broker to avail this service.


Perhaps you could list the issues you’re facing due to the above segregation.

I usually restrict myself maintaining funds in both equity and Commodities account to avoid the urge of unnecessary trading. Sometimes I have funds in commodities and miss the opportunity in equity because of transferring funds from commodities to bank account to equities. I hope you can understand the comfort level one will have if he has common funds account for both. This is very simple and straightforward user scenario. Others brokers have already started this service. Just wanna know when will Z start this service for existing customers.

Not anytime soon.

Are there no plans to integrate equity and commodity account @Siva?

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There are but will take more time, not an immediate priority.

Is there any option to transfer funds from equity margin to commodity margin and vice versa?

I mean if there is some complexity in merging the equity and commodity accounts, an alternate would be transferring funds between them.

Not possible for now.

Sharekhan has started this facility.Zerodha should start soon.Many want it.

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@siva @nithin could you conisder this given the fund crunch people are facing

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This will be a big change to our entire systems,process etc so will take much more time but it is in our list of things to do.

Fyers has introduced this feature today.
Introducing Single Margin Account - Fyers - Free Investment Zone

One query: Isn’t it a SEBI rule to have separate equity and commodity accounts?
Fund transfer using the Kite app, UPI, netbanking, and more (

How is then brokers provide such facility of common account?

Hi Zerodha Team , Any update on single margin account for Zerodha customers ?
This facility is currently offered by other brokers ! This change must be Zerodha priority list.

Yeah, on our list, will take sometime.

Any update on this? @siva

This will take more time.


Any update on this @siva? think this is a real demanding feature and Zerodha should make this their top priority. Many other brokers already have this feature.

On our list but not on our priority list, will take some more time. Interoperability, instant withdrawal, instant pledge and repledge are few things which are on our top priority.

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Any update?

Hi Siva , Please update on the status of single margin for equity and commodity.