Community meetup in Bangalore

Trading is a lonely job, I recently moved to Bangalore so that I can meet new people (mostly around trading community) but to my surprise I could not find any such genuine events, most of the events that I found were the workshops where the trainer takes money and was driven by selfish motive.

Can we organize an meetup with genuine trader who have been trading for sometime now just to share the about our past trades, what could have been done better or in general discuss trading ideas etc.

One way we can filter the members is to check the verified mtm from Sensibull so that the group only has genuine trades and no trainer or those sort of guys.

If anyone is interested pls reply to this post or feel free to WhatsApp me at 7000528319.

Many thanks,

There was this trader who I once came across on Fintwit, he trades in the morning and spends his afternoon in the pubs around Bangalore. keeps posting these photos of him holding a beer mug after a good day’s trading. My 2 cents would be, “Begin with pubs; you might run into him there.”

R u full time trader ??

No I am managing it with a full time job as Risk analyst, planning to go full time trading soon.