Comodity trading

when to buy crude oil and when to sell crude oil in comodity trading?

how profit and loss take place?

max how much time we can hold crude oil if buy it ?

When you anticipate price to fall - sell
When you anticipate price to rise - buy
You can hold 5 seconds to end of the day - Intraday
You can hold till very next day and till expiry - positional
You can trade yourself- if you have any strategy
You could get support - if you think you need until you get ready yourself

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Crudeoil is traded on the MCX and carries a lot of risk as seen a few days back when the Crude oil contract settled in Negative. You can refer to this module in Varsity for better understanding of how commodities markets work.

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If you are new I would suggest not to trade it in this time .

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