Compare option on Kite?


How to use the compare option that is made recently available on Kite charts?

Stock chart with index
Sensibull upgrades

You can compare  relative performance of various scrips using the compare option on the chart. By adding TCS and HCLtech on a INFY daily chart as shown below, I can measure the relative performance for a particular time period. 

So from Jan of this year, Infy is up around 20%, whereas TCS is up 1% and HCL down 6%. Great  way to visualize relative performance of different scrips. 

Note that the compare option doesn't work on live charts. Btw, you can check out everything about Kite on the user manual. 


Position of the compare button has changed in the current version of Kite charts.


Pls advise how to show stock & index together in one chart…

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