Comparing MFs of the same fund house is broken in Coin

When I compare funds of the same fundhouse, the colors used on the chart are same. Cannot differentiate between the two.

Eg: 1

Eg: 2

Once you add a fund to compare, you cannot empty the field too. Meaning if I am comparing 3 funds now and want to compare just 2, have to reload the page. Cannot remove just 1

Please add indices to compare against too. These are basic features for a mutual fund app to check performance of funds against their index.

Nothing against Zerodha or Coin but i think this is not the purpose of this feature in Coin
@tallerballer Use other sites to compare mutual funds like Morningstar, value research or something like that.
but seriously I gave up on Coin for comparing close return mutual funds on Coin due to this mayhem thing too :slight_smile: and even if you compare funds of different fund houses on mouse hover the name and equity will come as per the sequence added not as per the sequence they are shown in chart :slight_smile:

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Feels like a very neglected product :frowning: .

We cannot even filter by CAGR properly on coin. Very basic options of 10,15,20% only which is useless since almost all equity funds are in the same range of returns, and all debt funds are below 10% but above 5%. Cannot filter by a specific percentage.

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