Complete Tradingview Merge with zerodha? Client Views

Zerodha should seriously consider to Buy tradingview full features into KITE. @nithin Any ideas?

Can you mention those specific features, last time when we asked we are told they won’t do. Will write to them again.

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  1. favouriting “star mark” indicators.
  2. ability to create more watclists. - we may not fill up a watchlist, say, we may need to categorize even 10 stocks * 10 diff lists for our strategies.
  3. please make those trendlines we draw stay there for long time- in trading view the lines will be there for each stock even when i open it after months. i cannot save each and every chart with a different name for save my trendlines. try autosave.
  4. default template needs to include not only indicators, but also other chart customisations