Completely unacceptable not being able to trade cross currency derivatives

Its completely unacceptable on part of zerodha not to allow trading in cross currency derivatives from day one. Especially since the regulator and stock exchange had given enough prior intimation. Testing and other stuff should have been down before the launch.
I would like to hear views of other zerodha users as well.

Relax, i don’t see what’s the big deal given these crosses are no different in daily volatility compared to usdinr or nifty.

you are not missing out on much.

Give it a day or two.

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It’s okay.
I also wanted to trade in cross currency but I am not in hurry although Volumes are very low at present.
I think Majority of Volumes are from professional Traders.

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Are there any other brokers who are allowing it from day 1?

Bro till now eurusd volume of 630 crore… is tht less??

Yes quite a few brokers have offered it

Then start trading with them till zerodha starts it. Nowadays you can open account within days.

Yes, it’s less as compare to USDINR.

Also note , if you are planning to trade intraday, most intraday volatility comes during the US/UK sessions and during events.

But exchange is closed during that time. Haha.

They really need to extend the time otherwise its not much use to us indian traders.

It’s totally illiquid movement of pairs
Even after a week would be good

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If I am long USD/INR and short EUR/INR, would that make the net position long USD/EUR?