Compouding & Dividend Instrument

Is there any instrument for long term which

  1. Will compound your principle invested lets say at fixed or variable rate.
  2. Will also give you fixed dividends per month at fixed rate…
  3. Has something like sovereign gaurentee…
  4. Debt like surety of not loosing the principal

The closest one i can think of is

  1. SGB
  2. Equity (divends are too less and unpredictable, also principal no gaurentee)

Any other instruments or composition of instruments which can create a product anyone can yhink of?

Bank Recurring Deposit and Fixed Deposit

How is FD & RD applicable for dividends?

Satisfies your point no 1, 3 and 4

For point no 2. Fd and rd do give returns by way of interest but this is reinvested every quarter

A product cannot give dividends which is taken out and then compound the same

Interest or dividend need to be reinvested for compounding effect to take place.

You are asking for a perfect investment asset which does not exist :smile:

SGB is closest to your points, but again not predictable returns or no surety.

Ya something like that, i understand it can be myth…

I mean look at brokers leverage for example I pledge lets say Debt assets(Bonds) which keep giving me interest payout at 7%, but i can still use that same money to trade with FnO to get variable compunding effect…

Something simillar i know its not peefect but has to be money multipler asset somewhere…

F&O returns are neither guaranteed nor stable. 90% of people make losses.

F&O is just an example think of intraday equity trading…

I am researching if there is anything like these, which meets my above criteria…