Confessions - what are your biggest regrets and mistakes when it comes to trading/investing and the lessons you learned from them?

Everybody has regrets and mistakes in trading & investing. But the important this is the lessons you learn from them. I am starting this thread with a hope that you will share your regrets, mistakes, and lessons. Please make it descriptive so we can learn from one another.

No Regrets.
Going Good I would like to say This is Best thing Happened in my Life That is “Trading”

Go through this thread you will get some

My regrets:

  1. Not discussing with my family that I want to be a trader.
  2. A drop in relationship with my parents.
  3. Staying away from home.
  4. Not taking care of my health - lack of sleep/loss of appetite.
  5. Lack of direction.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Be transparent about your thoughts, no matter how ridiculous it is.
  2. Try to preserve relationships.
  3. Take care of your health.
  4. Learn when you’re lost and in loss, don’t go crazy