Confirmation page or option

I have often accidentally placed orders with wrong details & have lost money few times. Most dangerous is full quantity & LTP being auto-filled, the order getting placed before you actually modifying the quantity and price. My laptop touch pad sensitivity often registers a random click & if it coincides with an open order box the order just goes through !!

Therefore please can we have confirmation step.
Also, can we not pre-fill the full quantity.

Why don’t you try trading through your mobile, it’s quite convenient. Check this app out -

I have been using kite but have to admit that it is not helping well. It doesn’t have replacement screen like kite web Holdings which provides all the required info in one page.

The confirmation page is still missing. So accidentally placing wrong order & loosing big still there.
@Karthik please can I know why we can’t have a confirmation step? I understand it might feel as an extra step but I feel it’s worth. Or, how about giving the option in settings so that we users decide what we want? Thanks.

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Settings Page better or similar to that present in Pi should be implemented in Kite, It is high time that user configurability be handled by the user based his/her preferences. I would like it to be a top priority for Kite development team to add this FEATURE (VERY important).

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