Confluence of online trading and blockchain technology

Imagine a financial world with no intermediaries. Surfing the net during leisure time I came across SPECTRE, (Speculative Tokenised Trading Exchange) that claims to put forward a trading platform which will not have broker for dealing and trading in digital options, forex and CFDs’. The platform is based on an autonomous and decentralised liquidity pool where everybody can participate.

Incidentally in this context the way Zerodha is evolving, it is my guess that one day it will give up its role as a brokerage entity and will take on the role of technology provider for a fair fees. The signs can be seen by those who are closer to unfolding circumstances.
According to the CEO, SPECTRE will be providing a fair and safe trading environment by combining online trading and blockchain technology

Block Chain technology is going to be next big disruptive Tool to destroy many jobs.

Banks become irrelevant. Crowd Funding will become lot easier.

What we are seeing Now in E-commerce will happen to Financial Markets with Block Chain Technology.

How can I participate and trade in this exchange?

Block chain is the new future in the world .
So how can I invest and trade in blockchain?

How to trade in crowd funding?

What does this mean ?