Confused about opening Trading account

I am New to this world of stock market.

I am really confused where to open my Demat and Trading account. Banks are offering 3 in 1 account, discount brokers are also there. i also dont know how to operate also.

I dont want INTRA DAY but for long term and I am small investor. Kindly guide me which will be best for me to open the account with PROs n CONs

thank you in advance.

You should start with this brokerage firm called “Zerodha” ;). Reason

  1. Education, among the most active online content on capital markets in the world:

  2. Easiest but yet among the most powerful trading platforms in India - Kite.

  3. Direct mutual funds, invest without losing out on distributor commissions.

  4. Balance, an impulsive savings app.

  5. Everything at 0 brokerage fees for investing.

ps: I have a vested interest selling :wink:


And smallcase! Helps you invest in ideas for the long term! :slight_smile:

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Damn, how did I forget. :slight_smile: