Confusing P&L at bottom side of holding

At the bottom side of holdings it is showing P&L of yeserdays closed intraday position. I think it should not be there and it is quite confusing to new clients.

There is no issue. Todays pnl is calculated from yesterday’s close, that column gives info about how much profit or loss one is making for this single day compared to yesterday.

So naukri closed at 2145.8 yesterday and at the time when you have taken screenshot LTP was 2181.9 so today’s pnl is (Current LTP - yesterdays close) * quantity = (2181.9 - 2145.8)* 45 = 1624.5.

Hope you got it now, we have added that option because many users have requested for it.

That is creating more confusion to traders hence it is removed also unrealised profit/loss tab works differently than many assumed.
Any how profits will be added to margin used as negative number, that will be give intrada profits/losses also once all positions are closed.

Also one can click on info button to know days pnl on positions page.

Why i am seeing this on Saturday. I believe markets are closed on Saturdays right?

Can you post screenshot?

Can I view ‘Today’s P&L’ in web version of Kite? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!