Confusing positions & Holdings pages

I use both icici direct & kite. I don’t do day trading yet.
I like the icici direct portfolio page. It gives all the required info in one place. It instantaneously reflects unrealised & realises profit/losses, average prices, total profit/loss.
Also, their order page shows how much of my money is used up for the day.

Compare this with zerodha kite. In position page, if i have sold part of my Holdings, quantity in positions is shown negetive. The quantity used for placing buy order is subtracted from Holdings but we can’t easily get the info of quantity breakup. The Average price shown in positions is NOT overall average of positions+Holdings.

Can anyone help me understand how the positions, Holdings to be interpreted? I think traders find it easy but investors may prefer ICICI direct type.

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Ignore that price you see in holdings at the button of screen
That’s a comparison between price at which your dog’s & market price.

Look at executed orders.
That’s the actual price.

Look at holding screen, you’ll see quantity as 0(if full holding sold) , or +ve number ( if u still have some shares left in that stock)

Can you post a picture of ICICI holdings page? I want to see how it looks

@RahulN HEre we go:

  1. 1Portfolio of ICICI direct:

  1. ** Order book, trade book :**

Hope to see most needed changes at the earliest.

Other users - please can you put your suggestions and feedback as well?

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this is amazing. they give sorting option sector wise too… thats really quite a lot. thanks for sharing

Yes sector wise & also market cap size also would be great.
We also need CAGR per trade or at least per scrip urgently.

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Guys, my personal opinion is leave the kite as it is, I love it because of it’s simplicity,if you start adding all the nonsense then it will be cluttered and loose it’s shine and sleekness and there will be no limit to requests.

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Simple features & advanced features need not be either or. It can be both but may be separate pages. Just like how many companies have now realised that profit growth & going green are not ‘either or’ but a ‘both’ approach & it’s working wonderful.