Confusion on BSE / NSE price levels

Most of the time ,I buy a stock… Zerodha gives me the BSE version of it. I buy it with NSE selected , but next day on holdings, it will show as BSE.
Big problem i am facing is target and stoploss levels!!!
BSE charts are illiquid and very irrattic. Even last day one stock hit my stoploss in BSE ,whereas the NSE was peacefully moving up.
Need some clarity on this please. It’s messing up with the swing trades.

Once a stock is bought, on the holdings page, we show the price on the exchange where it is the highest. So even if you buy on BSE and the price on NSE is higher, the exchange where the price is higher will show up on the holdings page. This is because if the price is higher, it is better for a customer wanting to sell.

But you can sell it in whatever exchange you want, the sell order window has a quick toggle to change to NSE. You can track NSE charts itself.

Some of these were implemented as SEBI has asked brokers to implement features that help ensure the best execution for the customer.

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Ok. I am sure it is all there for good intentions. Though I want to sell my holdings at my specific levels. But the problem is with setting up levels.
I analysed and marked levels on the Stock ( NSE version) , it totally get invalidated once I bought them.

Sms Life Sciences is the recent example.
August 30 is the date.
I prepared level on the nse version
And voila… BSE guys made sure to Tripp me to it.

May be it’s because how it works. But it creates problems.

As I said, you can place orders on NSE for all your selling orders from holdings. We show the best price on the holdings page to help customers sell wherever the price is higher.

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Okay Nithin sir. Thanks for helping out. I need to place stoploss by selecting the toggle to NSE ,regardless of what is showing in the holdings. I guess I got it correct !

Depends on the volume. And many times the last_price is outdated in BSE, it does not match bid/ask value.

NSE as default is safer option in most cases, in my opinion. Arbitrage traders do not let a considerable difference arise in prices anyway.

That was my point. I wanted to see what I am buying in my holdings.
Anyways , it is what it is. There is no default option to nse. For major liquid stocks it is somewhat ok to be of any repository. But for operator driven stocks, BSE is notorious. Price band difference will be huge.