Confusion regarding STT on expiry Days

I read the dreadful stories of stt traps from past but it has been fixed since 1 sept 2019 as per the post linked below. But just to be safe I want to get an accurate understanding of stt on expired options. Example: I buy 800 (32 lots) Bnf 38000 CE options at market price 10 rupees and they expire at market price 20 rupees. The option expired 20 points in the money @ 38020. What will be my tax obligation.

link to post: Starting Sep 1st, finally no more STT trap on exercised options :)

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Addressed here:

So the stt shall be applicable to 20 points? so in the example I have given the STT will be 20 rupees? .(20*800)*0.125%

This is correct :slight_smile:

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Thank you!