Confusion regarding time frame

What should be the time frame to play intraday/BTST
I mean if we use RSI with one or two more indicators to cross verify for different time frames like 15min, 30 min, 1hr, 1day and 2 of them buy signal, while rest of the two give sell signal,

  1. what should be the approach in this case?
  2. which time frame we should rely on?
  3. Which time frame follow the others?
    Please help, I’m extremely confused about it, because RSI gives right prediction in most of the cases for each time frame, while half of the time frame gives opposite signal to the remaining half

There is no one correct answer to your question. It depends on the volatility of the stock. If your stock moves 2%-5% every day, i.e Trending stock, you can use 5Min to 1Day Time frame(TF) for riding the direction. If it is sideways, there is nothing you can do much in intraday. It will be extremely difficult in intraday to play in sideways market.

If your objective is to trade intraday, pick stocks with good volatility(High-beta) stocks. and use indicators. All these indicators work well only in trending markets. The reason for these indicators showing different Sell/Buy signals at different TF is trend must be different at these TFs. Some Stocks are Bullish on Daily Charts, but in Intraday they may show Bearish(might sound confuing, but as the time goes you will understand this). Similar logic can be extended to various TFs

  1. If you would like to TRADE intraday, use 15 Min Time Frame(TF) or 30 Min.
  2. Depends on your Objective, Long-Term investor(weekly-monthly charts), Short-Term Swing Trader(Daily, 4Hour charts), or Intraday Trader(15 Min, 30 Min, Hourly) ?
  3. I am a swing trader, I use Daily to 4 Hours.

4 Hours charts are not available on Kite, I use for accessing them.

For Intraday or BTST at max.
I’m not an investor (If I were an investor I would use monthly chart along with fundamental analysis)

  1. 30 min for trend determination and 5 min for entry
    2)1 hr for trend and 10 or 15 min for entry
    3)1 day for trend and 4 hr entry (positional)
    4)weekly trend and daily for entry (long term)
    one simple principle many traders fallow is your trend determination timeframe shouldn’t be more than 4x of your entry timeframe.