Confusion understanding NSE website data

I am trying to analyse NSE derivitives data from NSE website. I have downloaded derivitives BHAVCOPY and NSEOI .csv files but not really understanding what it is.

  1. Could someone please tell me what is MWPL and how useful it is ?
  2. What is the difference(Meaning) between the Open interests of above two files?
  1. What is MWPL?

I suggest, you also go through Varsity.

@TheGouda Thanks for your reply. I am finding difficulty understanding NSE data(Few). Is there a book or documents on how to interpret NSE data. I am having problem especially with so many terms used on the website which I am not aware of. Or could you suggest me a way to follow these. I am capable of analyzing data but I want to understand what is what.

Go through varsity, the link give above, it will cover all market terminology along with relationships between them and much more about markets.