Congratulations to zerodha on being awarded ET STARTUP OF THE YEAR

Congratulations @nithin @siva and everybody at zerodha for such a fabulous achievement…well deserved award…keep up the good work and wish you all the best …keep up the good work🍾


The only technically advanced stock broker - No surprise :slightly_smiling_face:

The quality speaks for itself and also the support.

Congrats @nithin @siva @ShubhS9 and the entire Zerodha team :+1:


@nithin yesterday i was scrolling through article where you topped IIFL self made richest list , can you share some aspect of your journey focusing on money , i mean not about how you trade or related to zerodha , i mean what difference being billionare made in your life , are you more happy now then before and did you thought 10 or 20 years back that you will reach where are you today and what are your future plans apart from zerodha.

Hey, thanks. Btw that rich list is based on a notional value of our business. Notional paper value can disappear as easily as it appears. So I don’t really care about that. But about your questions, I had this interview recently where similar questions were asked. You could maybe check this out. Btw, it is quite long. :slight_smile:


@nithin, here’s how it started.

You can navigate through the years. Moreover, you can make a time-skip effect video of how Zerodha progressed so far.

Ah yeah, I had shared this on twitter (how it started, how it’s going was trending).

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Thanks , but i always wonder why you maintain low profile , is it delibrate to avoid distraction i mean there are startup guys / investors who are worth less then you , there companies are running at huge losses and yet everyone talks about them , like in market people talk about what jhunjhunwala is buying or selling but not everyone can interview them or ask questions.
Secondly here in this forum you reply to most queries wheather they worth your time or not .

Maintaining a low profile is completely his choice … about replying to queries here i think he wants us to be good traders and enhance our knowledge/clear doubts …that’s it
But one thing i really admire about him is making so much money in so little time is a phenomenal job really …whatever it may be luck /talent …but he did it

hmm… have you seen how much we have been covered by the press? :slight_smile: quite crazy it is. In this business of money, credibility is important, and press gives credibility. So unwillingly we are forced to talk to press, otherwise we would have loved to build in stealth.

About answering on forums and being interactive, I think it is about sharing knowledge, growing the ecosystem, while also learning/understanding your customer needs. So it is not all altruistic.


I have worked on a community crowdfunded project in the past where it got enough press and media coverage from all national daily, the likes of The Guardian, TV News channels and I would like to share my 2 cents with you. It may or may not be useful.

  1. Initially, it feels good when a friend calls you (who has not spoken to you since long) to tell you that he saw you speaking on News channel, or someone you know Whatsapp you a photo of the newspaper article. But slowly you realise it’s just fueling your ego and nothing else.

  2. You get tired of saying the same thing. Again and again and again. Also, most of the journalists are arm-chair, twitter journalists. Very few do diligent investigation and research for an article and do an in-depth story. Most of them just ask the lame questions. That rigour is missing.

  3. It fuels jealousy and envy amongst the team members and other partners/ stake holders when they see you are always in the limelight and rest are in the shadow of you. The sad part in my case is I gave the mic to my other team members when they whined but they couldn’t speak to media.

  4. It’s cyclic in nature. In my case, the journalists would approach only during the monsoon season as the project was on potholes. So it’s their selfish need to fill a page or a TV slot. They are least interested in the cause. They don’t care. Last month only a NDTV journalist called me up for an interview and I told him clearly sorry the project is closed and I don’t want to speak to any media anymore. I also asked him why is it that media is sleeping the rest of the year and wakes up only during monsoon. Why the top newspaper editor declined to publish the RTI information that I had obtained. Don’t they have a spine? So I gave up on press.

In short, have you seen the movie - Peepli Live? It sums up all.

So, if I can suggest, don’t take the media and the paparazzi seriously. Just keep doing your work.

Regarding credibility, you would earn only though your work. Another suggestion from me would be to focus on investors, and not on traders. If you think deep, you would realise why am I saying so. I would leave it there.

BTW, did you read the news about Tesla dissolving the PR department completely?

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@rupeshmandal zerodha or any other brokererage main source of revenue is from traders who do scalping f&o etc.
Not sure why investor focus is more important than trader focus. Esp zerodha has zero brokerage for delivery cnc