Consistent Profits

who makes profits consistently and how do you do it? Do you follow some system or you are doing without one ? I think it is not possible for anyone to generate profits consistently without a system.


Trading with a good system is a must, if you desire consistent “Net Profit”. Without a system, it’s basically guess work.

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To be a Consistent player in Market You need everything.

  1. Experience
  2. A Good Trading system.
  3. A daam Good prediction. ( Some times you need to do this also )
  4. Risk taking ability.

I have seen People making good profit Just by applying there experience and Using simple Trading systems.

I have also seen people doing Algo Trading and doing good with lots of complexity.

I have seen people Booking good profit by just following simple Setup and I also have seen people Booking hug Loss in complex Algo Trading.

After all it’s a zero sum game.

I have see Sentiments winning over Technicals and at same time I have seen Technicals winning over Sentiments.

This place is for the survival of fittest in long run.


Dear bro… there are millions of people who earn consistance profit in market. I m happy to say I m one of them. The clue is all the profit makers follow certain system may be their own strategy or recommendations. But main thing which helps the run to continue is the Mind Set and thirst to learn and earn. Be a student and take losses as lessons and winnings as complement. Be balanced and love the market… you will win too…!!