Console Charges Like it! A Note to Nitin

Dear @nithin

Thank you very much for everything. All the products releasing from Zerodha are really remarkable. I’ve been trading through various brokerages.

Now, I see in console, charges are specifically shown. I really like it. But can it be shown immediately in positions page in Kiteweb & App ? At least later? This will be really a game changing feature. User can easily take decisions immediately depending upon the situations. However I like everything so far. Except My personal issue of Bracket Order and TV Chart layout saving.

Sending you Good vibes!

Should bring brokerage calculator to Position page. There i see the beauty!

On console charges are calculated end of day and using FIFO to determine which is intraday/delivery. Doing this on Kite on a live basis for lakhs of positions that our clients hold, extremely tough. If it was a simple math of turnover x charges%, it is straight forward. The issue is first we have to determine which is intraday or delivery in equity, if a client is holding intraday we will not know if he will continue to hold or sell, and stamp duty on many states is per contract note, and our brokerage is not %, so slightly trickier as well.

Bracket order is designed this way, no way around it for now. TV chart layout saving, we are speaking to TV about it.


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Thank you for the quick response. @nithin About BO at least in future? Can it be solved? Or at least option of MODIFY ALL for existing positions.

For BO I see Modify button already. I suggest back some coding to provide additional option. MODIFY ALL…

Each order that is partially filled has to be setup as a separate target/SL. There is no way around it. One button to modify price for multiple orders isn’t possible as per regulations. You can exit all at market price, which is available now.

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About TV charts explained here

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I understand at this situation. But take a look at how it works. Yes! Yes! I saved a layout. I have to load it again & again. Okay fine. I’ll do it. But do you know? Once layout is loaded. If we click on positions page or to check funds page or holdings page. Boom! Again charts get to default view. Now again do i have to open the layout? This is really irritating thing i’ve ever seen. What’s the use?

For a while I understand. But it will disappear once i go to other pages, holdings funds or positions.

Please do something about it.

Thank you. @nithin

I am more than 3 years customer to zerodha i love it , zerodha became No1 , but please make kite platform more reliable , bring the option chain in to kite its we can trade immediately from the option chain , sensibull routing next web page loading take time, please make kite is all in one platform , trading view charts its not saving in layout , please bring TV platform fully you are mixing with KITE, its will never usefull for us , as a trader we need fully fledged platform , kite are old now , TV have very good information on platform itself , as a trader we need fully fledged platform , from chart we cannot buy its all black point of zerodha ,

Nitin , please bring Full feature version of TV , kite 3 is not useful for Trader its for investor, chart are not saving, in busy time option chain i want to go another website, for n screener another website, for alert another website nothing inside in KITE , please as a trader we need to know news , earning , dividend , alert , option chain every thing is provide by TV in single platform , its really horrible for me to use KITE nowadays …

Do read the post, I have explained why when you get out of charts the layouts go back to default. It is a TV limitation.

We want to be in control of our trading platform, not possible with a 3rd party platform.

Noted! More than 10 times i got a reply from siva. I got it.

My request is? Will it solved at least later? thats all im asking @nithin

As a client you are asking us, similarly we are client to TV, we are doing what we can, they said they will look into this and sort but din’t give any ETA.

For now, until this is sorted by TV, I would suggest you to try popping out the chart. One can use main window to check positions/holdings and all.

@nithin. @nithin If it’s a limitation. I can agree. I don’t want to argue on this. But to let you know, I tried with fyers. It is working fine. It’s saved forever once saved. TV official site we can have free account, Even there i see chart settings are saved.

Why only with zerodha such limitations. My sincere request is to fix it. That’s all I’m asking. I got it every answer from your end. It is something really should be fixed seriously.

My man, you didn’t read my post then. I have explained very clearly why it is possible on TV the trading terminal and not if you are using just their charting component. Please read through the entire explanation.

Why is the behavior different on

On TV terminal, chart is omnipresent unlike in Kite where charts are initiated when requested. So what happens on TV is that since the layout once opened remains on the platform always, the layout is always saved. We use TV only for the charting component and they currently don’t have the ability to have layouts being saved like templates which opens by default when a chart is initiated. We are speaking to them on this and will update here when they have a fix. Until then, if you use TV charts, you’d have to take the extra step to load a layout whenever you close charts and start again.


@nithin Yes, i understand. But, could you please atleast implement a cloud saving feature, to save the layouts. Could it be done from your end, or should TV itself allow it?

Its a huge limitation when using TV charts. We will have to clear browser cache/data atleast at regular intervals, or for some reason we open kite in a new browser, then all drawings and layouts are gone.

Templates are saved on cloud but layouts aren’t, one among other limitations.

Thanks for acknowledging.
But, are there any plans to implement this in the near future? i.e. saving layouts and drawings on cloud.
Is it something that can be done from your end?

Not any time soon but will note it down.