Console Feedback: Stop Building Report Automatically on visiting Tax P&L section

I logged into Console and visited Reports → Tax P&L section and it started auto-calculating the Tax P&L for FY 20-21

My purpose to visit Tax P&L section was to download the reports for FY 19-20 for filing ITR, but just by visiting Tax P&L section, by default, it started building reports for the current year FY 20-21 thus making me wait unnecessarily. Even if I refresh the page or log out and log in again, it still shows building report for FY 20-21. While the current FY report building is in process, the drop-down box does not let me choose FY 19-20. Thus forcing me to wait unnecessarily. This is an unwanted waste of my time.

Proposed solution:

  1. Do not auto-generate report for current FY just by visiting the Tax P&L section.
  2. Let the user decide first, which FY he wants to get the report for. Once the user chooses the FY from the drop-down box, only then generate the report.

Please fix this.

The proposed solution to ‘first ask the user, which FY’ will not only save the user’s time from unnecessary waiting but technically, will also save Zerodha’s server bandwidth by reducing unnecessary server calls.

Moreover, while visiting the past FY, it again starts calculating and building reports from the scratch. The fact of life is that past can’t be changed. So once a past FY report is generated, why not save them on the server, and next time the user requests for it, it just pulls out the report which was generated and saved previously. This step will also reduce unnecessary server calls in computing reports again from the scratch and save bandwidth again which can be utilized in something meaningful. This tip is applicable to the past FYs only.


Hmm… that is weird, it wasn’t this way. Maybe something got changed in a recent update. Thanks for spotting and letting us know. I will get this fixed.

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