Console Menu Items Simplification

The Console Menu seems to have redundant items with repetitive with overlapping Functionality.

  1. Menu >> Reports >> P&L report … has Overlapping Columns as
    Menu >> Portfolio >> Holdings

Can they be merged ??

  1. Menu >> Reports >> Tax P&L … has Overlapping Functionality as
    Menu >> Reports >> Tax Loss Harvesting.

Can they be merged ??

Then it becomes more clear to the user instead of navigating between multiple menu items.

Pl. check @siva

@Nakul Can you check.

They each have a separate purpose. Are you saying the P&L menus should be merged?

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Yes. Very difficult for users to differentiate the purpose.

The P&L has Sell columns which are always empty. The Stocks I sold anyway do not show up in P&L list.

Below can be considered :

  1. For Unrealized P&L - Current Holdings list displayed is fine.
  2. For Realized P&L (sold securities) - Remove the currently list display. Provide only downloadable excel option which does not contain the active holdings. Also do include the Charges on both Buy & Sell side to reflect Real P&L.
  3. Merge Tax P&L and Tax Loss Harvesting reports.


@zkar Stocks sold should always show up in the P&L unless you have sold any discrepant stocks. The P&L is updated at the end of each trading day. You should be able to see the sell trades updated in the P&L by the next morning.
Also, you can filter between combined, realized, and unrealized P&L on the P&L view and download the report. The default filter is the combined P&L which includes both realized and unrealized entries, which is why you may find entries with nothing in the sell column.
Showing the buy and sell side charges separately, not sure if there is any real use case. We’ll find out and implement it if feasible.

Combining the tax P&L and the tax-loss harvesting report should be possible. We’ll figure out if there’s a better way the display this and implement any changes if required. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.
As mentioned,
‘Holdings’ anyway reflects unrealized P&L with same Columns. Then why repeat in P&L again.
So in P&L, do Not need this filter dropdown. Just keep Realized as the ‘only default option’ in P&L.
This will simplify and remove duplicate Menu items providing similar functionality.
And bring the Holdings (Unrealized) and P&L (Realized) menu items nearby. :slight_smile:

Consider providing only ONE Download link to a common Report for ALL Segments (instead of many links available now).
In the common report, each segment (Equity/Currency/F&O/Commodity/MF) shall be segregated in separate sheets.
This will greatly reduce the user hassle in handling multiple report files.
If user is not active in certain segment, then that sheet in report shall contain empty table.


Sure, we’ll look into this and make the necessary changes where ever required.