Consolidated demat statement for having multiple demat accounts

I have 2 Demat a/c under CDSL, via Zerodha & Fyers.

  1. How can I get the consolidated demat statement of CDSL,
  2. how Can I sell the shares from the Fyers (which I bought from Zerodha) since both are under CDSL.
  1. The Depository (CDSL) sends a statement called CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) that contains details of your holdings in all Demat accounts. The CAS is sent as long as you’ve given your email ID at the time of account opening and have opted in to receiving transaction statements by email.

  2. You will have to transfer shares from one demat account to another through an off market route and then execute the sale transaction with the other broker.


Thanks for your reply,

I haven’t find this in my email, please could please elaborate, how can I find, from which email-Id

Quoting this from CDSL’s website: “If there is any transaction in any of the demat accounts of an investor or in any of his mutual fund folios, then CAS shall be sent to that investor on monthly basis. In case there is no transaction in any of the mutual fund folios and demat accounts then CAS with holding details shall be sent to the investor on half yearly basis i.e holdings of March and September end will be sent in April and October respectively.”


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You do get on your e mail registered with DP ( in your case both the DP) and there is an option to get it by post in physical form too with request for the same through your Dp.