Constantly facing problem with Pi

I have uninstalled the previous version and reinstalled the latest Pi version but still it’s not working.

Getting no support from [email protected]

Some serious upgrade issue is going on it seems.
Web platform is not working too.
I have got executed intraday orders in morning. I am not able to square off.
Hope I will not get screwed up by the end of day (auto square off).
No response from support too. Probably they are overwhelmed by this situation, it seems.

No one is responding. They have team for acquisition of new client. But to address the issues faced by existing clients no one is there. Its hard to get any one from the support desk.even if u r able to connect to some one they are not even aware of the problems at their end ( may be they try to hide intentionally) ask us to do some exercises at our end (may be they are buying time)I wwas fortunate to not transfer my all trading activities to this.i would have screwed self today by not being able to trade with this a/c already lost more than one lac last month by not able to square off my positions in time. When we miss one good opertunity it often leads to wrong trades and these people don’t understand. May be its cheap interms of brokerage and then this is what u get for that price.