Consumer complaints


I seen many complaints on few are resolved but most of them not touched, please respond . so that i can join your platform, because i need very good customer care service.

Most of the queries there are frivolous and inane. Every customer faces issues and there will always be people who will be disgruntled even when their issues are solved, thats just reality.

Having said that my experience with Zerodha has been good and my issues whenever I had them were sorted promptly. Zerodha did not achieve a user base of 2 lakh+ clients by providing poor customer service.


I am Zerodha’s Customer since last 2 years…Whenever I have any issues or problems I write to [email protected] and they solve it as early as possible…Even if they dont understand, they call me to clarify further…Besides trading platform like PI, Brokerage and other services are really very cool comparing to other brokers…so my suggession is you can go for Zerodha…there is nothing in this world with 100% accuracy…!!:slight_smile:


3 Lakh now, Nithin in his last webinar (behind the scenes) told last 1 lakh clients joined Zerodha in just last six months, and 1.8 lakh of them are active day traders.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Now u know why other brokers have to spread lies the way they do​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: like how airtel, Vodafone and idea keeping complaining about JIO​:joy::joy:.
@VAN webinar link. (

Yes, I do agree. Earlier I dealt with two brokers. Their brokerage is heavy and also, they are not replying our queries, instead they forward the email to their Franchise and keep mum. I had some bitter experience and even now I am having u answered queries, even after a year. I am tired and not following for reply.
I joined Zerodha 16 months back. The service is good exceept Pi crash at times. If they improve their Order management system, there is no complaint at all.If any problem is there, I just emailed to support team. They resolved the same.
Hence, as far as myself concerned, Zerodha is best brokerage firm.

I see all of them as resolved now, overall customer satisfaction at the moment is like 42%, but what does it mean I couldn’t undertstand at all. I see some horror stories as well, but I think it’s all fine if it’s resolved or at least some help was done, correct ? I think it should.