Continuous futures

What is meant by continuous futures? Trading view platform charts have this facility, but I wish to know if there is any such facility in zerodha?

If I am adding continuous future for a stock in my watchlist, does it also mean that I don’t have to add it again for the next month after expiry of previous month contracts? (I observe all nifty 50 stock futures, so I generally add monthwise contract and after expiry, I need to repeat the procedure for next month.)

Continuous Futures data is available on ChartIQ. Here’s how you can access it.

Upon expiry of the contract, the scrip is removed from your Marketwatch, you’ll have to add the contract for new expiry again. Data for a futures contract is limited and is available only from the time the contract starts trading, generally three months before its expiry (Index and Stock Futures). Continuous data allows you to view data beyond that time period.

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