Continuous upper circuit in Bombay Oxygen Corporation Ltd

Bombay Oxygen Corporation Ltd is hitting upper circuit of 5% every day since 17 Apr 2018. It got its value almost three times in 75 trading days and delivery is 100%.
Is this stock good for investors?

Bombay oxygen corporation ltd is a P group share which is group where settlement is being done in Physical mode/optionally demat mode and since this particular share has no ISIN means it will be done only in physical mode. face value 100 and marketable lot 5 share.
i do not know any broker who entertain dealing in such group share .

  1. Its total equity (outstanding shares) is just 150,000. If you remove promoter shares, only 40,000 shares are left for public. Imagine how many shares can a single retailer buy max, I dont think more than 10 shares. So it wont make anyone crorepati for sure even if how many times it multiplies.

  2. Such stocks are good until they’re good, and then they are a trap. Check “Swaraj Automotives” same story. Now its in continuous lower circuits.

@Newbie420 any broker who entertain dealing in P group ? i have some share of a company in physical form which is in P group and also some time i get tempted to buy Right renunciation form which too trade in P group only.
almost on daily basis some small tarde take place in P group shares means there are some brokers who permit clients to do .

No idea about P group shares

@ this share along with other P group share like Sunil industries MUST be out of this group and compulsorily demated before few weeks of sebi deadline on physical shares transfer which is December 05.,2018.

Bomaby oxyegn which was traded at BSE only in Physical form ( no ISIN ) is now TRADING IN ABEYANCE due to this sebi deadline of 05 December. in all it means even off market deals among known people or relatives will not be allowed after 05 December in physical form.