Contract note in mcx

is it possible to get 7-8 yr old contract note in mcx?

You can create ticket here if it is related to zerodha. If not zerodha, you can write to that broker.

its not realated to zerodha, but i am in search of a way to retrive this info.
other broker is shut and no way to contact that broker now.
info is been asked by income tax department.

i have asked in forum so if anyone have some knowledge then it will be good help for many other also.

@siva i am unable to to contact my old broker{ ICM commodities pvt ltd }. how can i find if still its active or not?
any help will be great.

I don’t have any idea on this, but you might have received contract notes for all your trades.

i got this email id to sent a mail requesting ledger of that year, but i heard that this mail can be used only by members and not retail clients.
[email protected]