Conversion of position in NSE NOW launcher

In NOW platform , how to convert position to CNC? Please explain, as I am unable to do in Net position menu. Thank you, Sir

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Sir, Thank you. Yesterday, I bought Biocon. After that It took reverse trend By that time, I sold Ambujacement available at cost. So I want to convert Biocon which h bought in. MIS to CNC… I found that option of 'conversions in ‘net position’ option. But it shows Ambujacement only and not BIOCON. I tried my level best, but unable t do.I hope with this I can do. But Biocon not at all appeared. Hence I sold with meagre loss, as it is already 2.30. If I have waited for some more time, I might sold it with profit.

I migrated to NOW a week back only. Except this, I found the software is good.

Ok Mr.portfioplus911, with your kind help, I know the modalities.
Please accept my sincere gratitude to you, for your kind reply.

Can u please share your review of nse now ?

Mr. rahianikne 1,
I am using NOW for the last one week. I already having experience with Kite and Pi. In both the platforms, the order management system is not good. Orders uploading is slow, sometime’s it took 2 minutes. Within that time, the scenario might bb changed. That too the first half an hour and the last half an hour is crucial. In these time only, this type of problem arising for the last two months. Earlier it is not like that. Many days I got irritated due t this.

After a long analysis only, I decided to migrate to NOW. I asked Zerodha support team. Immediately they migrated my account to NOW.
NOW platform is super fast in placing and execution of otders. Not even single occurrence of delay in sending orders to exchange. It takes fraction of seconds. As far as myself, I am really satisfied with NOW.

After migration to NOW, our password locked in Pi and Kite…, which creates problem in accessing Coin, as it opens I Kite password. I asked Nithinji for a solution to this. I hope he will respond.

In NOW, you can’t place orders in BSE.
I hope this is enough.


thanks ! Is the feature of backtesting,AI and scanner is available in now

No Sir These features available in Pi and Kite only.
I am not using the same. Hence for me no problem.

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Dear Sir,
Today, I have faced a peculiar problem in NOW. I purchased DHFL for RS.459 in MIS. In the meantime, due to sale of Mothersumi, my limit increased and hence I convert DHFL to CNC, as the end pected price not reached. I sold DHFL for RS.456 and create order for buying at Rs.455. But the system doesn’t accept as CNC and rejected.,though limit is available. The peculiar part starts after 5 minutes. The system bought DHFL in CNC which it rejected 5 minutes back and not as by order of RS.455. The system bought it on the running price. of RS.456.50.

I am still wondering what happened? I have convert the position from MIS to CNC, as my limit increased due to sale of Mothersumi.
Please let me know what mistake I have done? These type of execucuting the orders already rejected that too not as I entered instead market price, as system realizes that I have limit.

Please clarify, as still I am not believing the happening.

Dear traders, Please don’t migrate to NOW, as I am facing new variety of problems, which I never imagined to happen. Limits are not updated immediately; password unlock is a serious problem, if it gets locked,etc.
Hence I requested Zerodha team to migrate me to Pi and Kite.

Except limit updation, password password locked problem, NOW is ok. Order acceptance is very quick.