Converting BO to CNC

Can I convert BO to CNC in kite? I am unable to do so.

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Not possible to covert from BO to CNC, if in MIS you can covert it easily, if in BO first exit and make new trade In CNC


BO and CO order are special order, design for intraday trade only.

Kindly go through this link for more info.

Why is this not allowed? Could this be changed to allow both CO, BO to convert to CNC in future?

BO & CO are mainly used for Intraday because of the margins available with it, You dont get margin on CNC hence you can’t convert BO or CO to CNC.

If I have funds to cover the converting to CNC, should it not be allowed?

@NithinKamath feature request. If we have funds we should have option to convert BO to CNC. This will help in intraday trade is running flat or is in loss


Why not allow both BO & CO be converted to delivery (CNC)?

@nithin This is why I never use BO. It locks trader in to an intraday trade with tight time lines and it raises tension.

Ability to convert BO to CNC/Regular or BO on Good -till-Cancelled basis will offer an Edge to Zerodha trader.

Remember this kind of small, soft edges are very, very, very important in trading or in a gamble