Copying trades to different accounts

Hi All,

Is there a way to copy trades to multiple accounts? That is, place order in one account and same should be replicated to other accounts.

When i close position in one account same should happen in other accounts.


Yupe can implement via API , but you gotta login every day to kite api .

Thanks. Is it legal? Basically I want to copy trades to mine and my friend’s account.

Also any ready solution available? Currently managing manually but good to have Automation.


No ready solutions , have to order custom.

Hi, even I have the same question. To implement API what are the skillsets required

A very crude workaround using Kite Publish provided by Zerodha.

  1. Use an extension like multilogin to open two or more zerodha kite sessions in chrome.
  2. Build a simple chrome extension to insert Kite publish buttons, inside logged in Kite pages.
  3. Which will popup a modal box to take trade details as required by Kite Publish.
  4. Which will prepare the order and ask for Placing the order.
  5. Still it requires two clicks to “Place” order manually, but with very limited delay.
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Its been a while since this question was raised. Has there been any positive development on this since? For tax purposes, I want my family’s accounts and mine to be separate. Such a copy feature would be a life-saver!

Check this out.

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Very useful. Are you the product owner?

Nope :sweat_smile:

If anyone here uses PMS V2.0/ Copy trading software , please share your experience…

Probably you can test it for free for 15 days;
Please check the above link