Core concept of profitable trading

What is the core concept of profitable trading .

In my experience is that
Trading is a 50% probability Game
So, Min Loss - Max Gain ( Risk Reward Ratio).

If i made 20 trades than 12 trades are loosing trades 8 are profitable, I loose -100 rupees on loosing trade, and gain +200 rupees on winning trade
10012= -1200
8=+ 1600

With 40% accuracy

At the end the profit is : 400

Please Tell Your Opinions.


Executing a strategy with back&forward tested positive expectancy.

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I think you answered it yourself as far as the mathematical equation is concerned ( risk/reward overlaid with success rate ). But at an individual level, what it really comes down to is figuring out and then staying put with a strategy that works for you at an emotional level.

These days with all kinds of backtesting made possible, I would expect a large number of people trading strategies that have had a positive expectancy. Yet, a large majority struggle to make money consistently simply because they are not wired for those strategies.

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A well tested and rounded strategy that you can persist with that offers you favourable accuracy, risk reward metrics and bounded with in a robust risk management framework.

Backtesting is not a simple exercise. To do it properly one needs bit of experience and insight.

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then assume, if I want to make a final profit of 1 lakh rupee, then I want to make 3 lakh right ?

Profit 3 lakh
Loss 1.5 lakh
Charges and tax 50,000

Final Proft 1 lakh