Corporate action alerts

Hello @Bhuvan @BharatW @nithin

Quick Question.

If there a possibility to get corporate action alerts from Zerodha for our stock holding?

Please let us know.


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Yes, in the new version of Q as soon as any announcement is made.



When can we expect new version Q ?

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Thanks Nithin,

Any expected timeline for new version of Q?

  • Naveen

Is there alternate website where one can receive alerts/updates about the upcoming corporate actions?

Will be nice to have it. Also may be a Kite alert system like those pop ups you get when there is an important message. It would be nice to have early notification of company earnings, report, corporate action, etc that is to happen that day right within Kite itself.

I use its free up to 20 stocks to get notified through andriod app or email. Email’s are delayed if you not a paid user, andriod app works with out issues. When ever there is announcement app popups with details. You can give a try

Is it up and running in Q/Console?
Also I noticed in CDSL easi all your holdings by default enabled for corporate announcement notification but if you click view you don’t see anything. Anybody knows if that is a dummy setup?

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Now that corporate actions can be seen in Events, my suggestion is to enable a statement generation showing corporate actions. It makes life easy e.g dividends received have to declared in IT returns. Right now you have check your bank statement to keep trap of this.