Corporate demat account

i am full time trader to reduce the tax i wanted to open corporate demat account can you please help out with the process

Corporate accounts cannot be opened online, and the account opening process has to be done offline with Zerodha. Check out this article for more details.

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In that article it is mentioned to phone the above number but after ringing for an hour also no one lifts the calls
so what should i do
Requesting @nithin and other senior mangement to please see this
hoping that i will get the reply soon
thank you

Could you please create a ticket in the link shared above? We’ll have someone from our team assist you.

We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket here: How do I create a ticket on the Support Portal without logging in?

i have raised one ticket in june month and the other in july month till now i didnt got any response
for the clarfication should i send the screenshots

Could you DM me the ticket numbers, please? Will get them checked.

How will you reduce tax by opening corporate demat account?

tax are different for personal and corparate account if you earn more than 50 lakhs per annum

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It is less when you are an individual. Why would you want to switch to corporate ?

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