Corporate FD TDS deduction

Hi, I’ve read that 10% TDS is deducted if your interest from a corporate FD is above 5K.

I want to know that is there a way to avoid this if the income is above 2.5L and form 15G cannot be submitted due to that ?
Or can I actually still submit form 15G just so that TDS isnt deducted but at the end of financial year I add the interest from the corporate FD in income from other sources and pay tax accordingly?

Main purpose of asking this is that if TDS is deducted from the FD amount at the end of each year then the final cumulative yield will be affected and I’ll be getting lesser maturity amount.

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Whether TDS is deducted or not, ultimately you need to pay tax if you are above the threshold level in one year. Hence the question of final cumulative yield does not come into play. Before investing, you need to do this calculation. It is for this reason, experts talk about post tax returns. Since you say you will file returns then this issue will not arise as you will get a refund as well.

I feel, you should seek professional advise, disclose what all you have and seek advise, so that you get a clear answer to all your queries.

Copied from Bajaj fin serve F
For all resident Indian investors, if the interest income earned on company FD exceeds Rs. 5000, the TDS rate is 10% (in case PAN details are provided to the financier). If PAN details are not provided to the financier, TDS deduction on FD interest is chargeable at 20

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Thanks for the reply. TDS deduction will actually affect the final yield because they’re going to deduct that amount from the FD itself, so lesser amount in FD will get lesser % of return. That’s why all I wanted to know was if I could just avoid this by using 15G(abv 2.5L tax slab) or by any other means. Im not saying I don’t wanna pay tax on this return, I just don’t want them to deduct from the FD as I can pay that at the time of ITR filling.