Corporate or retail or individual?

if my demat account is corporate demat account …will i be counted as retail investor or something else? (if something else please specify) @nithin @mohitmehra @MohammedFaisal @ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran

Corp accounts aren’t counted as Retail investors, it will be treated like an institutional account. But this is in what context?

So you mean, if I buy shares in corp trading account, will it be counted as DII buying?

Ah, you mean on the exchange. Check this Market Pulse edition of July 2023 on NSE.

Corporate accounts will show up as Corporate. To be considered as DII, you have to come under one of the categories as shown in the image.


if One Person Company doesn’t allowed Financials activities why there is an option to open trading and demat for OPC in zerodha.

Hmmm… Exchanges and DPs allow the opening of it; we are allowing it only for that reason. But we will check with them on this question and decide if we should continue opening or disallow it.