Correspondence address

When opening a new account which address shall be used for correspondence?
Further, will there be any documents sent to my correspondence address or everything will be online?

since you have not mentioned new account WHERE i am assuming you mean new account with a broker . you have to mention the address which is there on your aadhar card . physical contract cum bill will be sent by broker on this address in case your broker does so.almost all other things are online .

I apologise for not mentioning clearly. I wish to open demat account with zerodha.
I wish to know whether zerodha will send any physical correspondence to the address on my aadhar card. The issue is, that I stay do not stay at that address. I live in other state due to my job hence, I prefer all communication/correspondence by online mode.
Is it possible that all communications/correspondence would be made online only?

very much possible and i understand most of the brokers are sending contact note cum bill online plus periodically demat statement too. in fact many are charging extra if you insist on physical correspondence . since this portal belong to Zerodhra itself where you want to open a trading cum demat account i hope some representative of firm will answer the exact status .

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Everything online nothing at your address, so don’t worry no need to bother.

Thank you so much leodecaps.

At least in case of Zerodha, nothing will be sent to your address unless you explicitly mention.

Are any other brokers really have send you something to your home address for example ? I mean if there is a need for that field than something should really go there anyway. But as far as I know I never received anything all my traders life to that address I stated;)

My broker an Individual nse/bse member do send contract note cum bill by ordinary post ( earlier he used to send by courier) at my address other than on email charges no extra brokerage levied.
however as posted by me before too most of the or should i say all of the corporate brokerage houses only send the same (contract note cum bill ) on e mail id and if at all required in physical form they charge huge amount on periodic basis.
you do have the option to opt either physical or on e mail in case of DEMAT statement and annual report etc.
i do get demat statements cum bill by post . actually it is what you tick marked while opening the account and since the account was opened long back ,we don’t even remember what was opted by us.
like my friend who get all annual reports etc too in physical form because of above reason.

Its been long time for this topic.
Yet, as an update I have opened my Zerodha account and I do get all my correspondence by email. :slight_smile:
However, I wish to ask the community out here, what happens in case of an IPO.
For e.g. if I apply for an IPO does the communication about the allotment advice etc. is sent to the physical address? I guess the allotment advice is sent by the Registrar for that particular IPO.
Since, I have selected online communication/correspondence address in Demat, and I am applying for the IPO using the same Demat details:

  1. Can I assume that allotment advice or any other communication won’t be sent physically to my address?
  2. Also, does applying for the IPO, through Bank account ASBA mode and through Zerodha console change anything in the above issue?

Please guide.