Could I buy equity in NSE and sell in BSE? Any special approvals required.?


Yes you can do it. No special approvals are required. For intraday trading across exchanges it depends on the broker who can provide you that provision.

Generally you might not be able to buy in NSE and Sell in BSE in Intraday, but after taking delivery of shares you can sell in any exchange NSE/BSE/MCS-SX.


Yes you can sell shares at BSE bought from NSE and the same way sell from NSE and bought from BSE.The only requirement is that stock should be listed in both the Exchanges.As well the broker with whom you are trading also need to be registered in both exchanges.

You dont have to take any special permission to do it.


Is it a kind of arbitrage you’re looking for??

i.e buying in NSE at a lower price and instantly selling at BSE at a Higher price or vice versa…you could probably do this with futures…the benefits are :

  1. Since this is an arbitrage strategy…you need leverage to magnify the profit…(with futures you leverage yourself)

  2. Its pretty easy to short futures…in BSE or NSE


Why not intraday? Any particular reason for that?