Could not find invested smallcase in Discover?

Hi, I have been investing in small case based on long term return. One I made an investment, I am not able to see the invested small case in discover menu…

I don’t to SIP, I’ll try to allocate fund to small case based on market condition, and the case type… this makes me harder to reinvest on the small case. Also could not add the invested small case to watchlist.

Have any ideas/tips…?

Smallcase has a section called my investments. Did you click there.

Which app do you have the stocks in? That is, the stocks you clicked buy and bought , where is it shown? Kite?

Yeah we could use that to see the investment made and returns, to get the maximum return over a certain periods apart from my investment (not considering my investment), the only way I see is going into the individual small case and check on it. I don’t see other way

I’m not understanding your query, could you explain it?

You want to invest in a particular smallcase but you are not able to add it to bookmarks, and it is not coming in investments section?

Nope, I invested in couple of small cases, it not showing in discover → all small case.

I need to sort returns for comparing the invested small case against others.

The fund manager could have made them inactive, i.e no more investments in that smallcase.

Since it’s just 2, you can remember their % returns and just compare with others in discover right?