Couldn't find report in Stock Reports

Subscribed this service (1 year plan) to analyse a few stocks to start with. Couldn’t find any report for Rain Industries (my first search).

My query is: Like Rain, whether there are more well known stocks for which there are no reports available. Will you be able to provide/add missing reports as soon as possible when the customer has informed you about the issue?

Kindly enlighten.

Hey @kshiteez_kuldeep,

SR+ has a report on RAIN industries. Type “RAIN” in the search bar.

If you’re not able to find it in the search bar in the home page, you can open it by searching in the ratings page.

There are currently 4500+ stockreports. More stocks will be added.

Dont know why it’s not showing here…

RAIN was moved from BE to EQ which is causing an issue with the search. We’ll get it fixed in a day or two. In the meanwhile you can open it from Kite. Add RAIN to your market watch and click on ‘more’ and open select ‘Stockreports+’

ohh yes. got it via kite. thanks a ton.