Cover order question

I have a question about cover order. Lets say the current price is Rs.100, i want to take short position exactly when price reaches 98.15, not above. How to do that in cover order?

Thank you

In the CO you have to select limit order and give your desired price in price, and your sl price in trigger price.
hope this clears your doubt

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Hi @ashobiz,

You cannot place this order using CO, as the initial order in the cover order will be either a market order(to buy/sell at the best price near CMP) or a limit order( to buy lower than CMP or to sell at higher than CMP). You can use BO(Bracket order) in the new version of kite-Kite 3.0 to do the above as BO here as the facility where the initial order can be a SL order(you can choose a trigger price to Buy above a certain level, or sell below a certain level) or Limit order.