Covered Call in Gold mini options

I have SGB worth of more than 1 lot of gold mini. I want to sell call options against these.

  1. Do we have enough volume against Gold Mini in MCX / NSE ?
  2. Does Zerodha take in these SGB as margin for commodity
  3. Is this approach advisable

Point 1: Gold return and Market return comparsion

Point 2: Risk Averse

I am not an advocate of Gold but I was prepping a presentation for my clients and got somehow convinced by myself to try it out because of its risk averse nature with market

Point 3: Apply Delta Neutral Strategies with TSL.

Actually You can see my trading style live in Youtube.

Day before Yesterday - Banknifty intraday trade live - YouTube
Yesterday - Banknifty intraday trade live - YouTube
Today - Banknifty intraday trade live - YouTube

Net SGB pledged is around 7L
Getting collat of 6L.


#1 Instead of Gold Mini I chose to do with BN because of risk aversion.
#2 NO. Thats why I manipulated myself to do BN.
#3 Obviously, Yes :slight_smile:

Let me know your view on my approach.

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